Alright, pop quiz time.  Get your number two pencils out and grab a sheet of college rule paper.

1.  Name every book in the Harry Potter series.

2.  What are three movies you are excited about that are coming out soon?

3.  What comes on a Bic Mac?

4.  List the seven dwarfs.

5.  Name five professional athletes.

How did you do?  Those were pretty easy, right?  Try these out.

1.  List the Ten Commandments.

2.  Name the twelve tribes of Israel.

3.  What did Jesus say are the two greatest commands?

4.  Name the thirteen apostles of Christ.  (Yes, there were thirteen.  Judas was replaced after he killed himself.)

5.  List the fruit of the spirit.

How did you do that time?  I didn’t take this quiz, because I am not taking this class.  But if I did, I’d hope for a C+.

Why is it that we can spout of an endless amount of trivial information, yet we have trouble remembering basic Biblical facts?  Oh wait, now I remember.  It is not important to us.  What?  That’s not fair?  I beg to differ.  We talk about the Bible being a foundation of our faith, but we (I) usually have to Google a passage to make sure we are remembering it correctly.  We claim that Jesus is our Lord and that we live to serve Him, yet we do not spend time memorizing His commands.  Now, that is not fair.

I heard a Native American story once about a man that owned two identical dogs.  Same size, same color, raised in the same environment…identical.  One day, the dogs got in a fight and one dog killed the other.  When somebody asked the man which dog lived, he indicated that it was the one he fed more.

The things that are truly important to us are the ones that will get most of our time.  Those are the things that will become a part of who we are and they are definitely the things that we will remember.  These are the things that we are feeding, and they always win out when it comes to our attention, our memory, our hearts, and our minds.  So it is our job to put extra focus on the things that are truly important.

How about we all take the next few days and study for the second part of my pop quiz?  I have a feeling those answers may have a more eternal impact on our lives.

Dennis Dow
3/15/2012 10:07:26 pm

Did he say first, "my puppy farted...and then died"


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