When people ask you to tell them about yourself, what do you say? Some people talk about their jobs or their dedication to their school work. Others start referencing what other people say or think about them. Some people talk about sports, others mention music. Some try to avoid defining themselves, while others constantly seek to be defined. 

From the looks of things, we often let other things define us. We use the people and/or the things around us to shape our image and mold the person we become. It seems that this is the exact opposite of what Jesus is teaching throughout the gospels. If we spend all of our time on the internet (no matter what we are looking at) or obsessing about another person’s opinion, we are letting the world and things of the world define us.

The only way the world cannot define us is if we define ourselves through Jesus Christ. If we spend time with Him each day (genuine, sincere time) and do everything in our power to become like Him, then we become more than what our roles in life may suggest. We become Christ-like. We become a reflection of His image to our friends, our family, and the world that is trying to define us. 

We are constantly creating a definition of ourselves to be viewed by our friends, our co-workers, our brothers and sisters in Christ, and our Creator. If Christ had His way, He would want everybody to see Him every time they look at us. What do you think they see? Do they see an image created by the world, or by our Savior that loves us?

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