I have a degree in mathematics.  I tend to look at things logically and try to figure out what plans and solutions make the most sense.  I really like math, and I don’t care who knows it. 

Most people get annoyed with that attitude because they don’t enjoy math as much.  Folks get frustrated when I use the transitive property while comparison shopping.  I get odd looks when I use the distributive property in buffet lines.  It’s a struggle…but I’ve learned to live with it.

If anybody is still reading this, I have another property that I believe may actually apply to you.  I called it the Continuation Property.  It has nothing to do with math, but everything to do with becoming more awesome.  I have recently fallen into the habit of exercising regularly and eating responsibly.  I am quite a bit thinner and about 43% healthier.

In addition to learning how to make gross food taste edible, I have learned a huge lesson in this life-changing process.  As it turns out, exercising in the morning makes it easier for me to eat healthier meals throughout the day.  Somehow, running two miles during my lunch break gives me the strength to turn down cupcakes in the afternoon.

Being disciplined in one area of your life makes it easier to be disciplined in all areas.  Practicing one healthy habit can give you the backbone you need to establish others.  Committing yourself to excellence in one area of life overflows and excellence spills all over everything else.  That is the Continuation Property.

When I started writing this blog, I committed myself to being more disciplined with my daily reading.  I come to work a bit early each morning and read my Bible before I do anything else.  And, just like working out helps me eat healthier food, I found that my disciplined reading regimen impacted every other area of my faith.  My prayer time has become much more fruitful.  My conversations have become much more God-centered.  And my understanding of my relationship with God has grown in leaps and bounds.

I have said none of this to brag on myself.  None of it has been easy, and I have done very few things very well.  However, I have found that the Continuation Property applies as much to Christianity as it does to anything.  Discipline yields discipline.  And if you seek excellence in the foundational elements of your relationship with God, all of the other areas will fall in line. 

Also, and most importantly…math is awesome!

8/23/2012 02:31:37 am

If you're turning down cupcakes, why am I supposed to let you know when I've made them again? (Or any other baked goods) =)

Kimberly Camp
8/23/2012 03:01:34 am

This post was awesome! I am currently struggling to get into a normal daily routine. Thanks for the new perspective.


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