_ "Share” is a word that I say out loud as much as any other.  I am constantly telling my kids to share their toys.  Every day, I ask the college students I work with to share their goals and successes with me.  And to be perfectly honest, I use it most often when I am trying to “share” my co-workers’ desserts and snacks at the office.  But do you know where I rarely hear the word used by anyone?  Church.

Now, I’m not picking on my church.  I absolutely love my church or my family wouldn’t be there.  I’m talking about a larger issue in the Church, which unfortunately manifests itself in most churches.  It isn’t that people are selfish and won’t share what they have, I often see people give generously to help others.  The problem is that Christians are generally not so good at sharing their lives with each other.

The New Testament seems to have a common theme of sharing in the lives of other believers.  Paul often shares his triumphs, as well as his struggles and failures.  However, that is one practice that we seem to ignore in modern Christianity.  I don’t know if it is the fear of embarrassment, desire to fit it, or just our pride, but far too many Christians tend to keep their personal trials and downfalls to themselves.

It seems obvious that isolating yourself would make it more difficult to live a Godly life.  If we were more willing to share our personal needs, we would probably have more help offered to us than we could ever imagine.  If we would share our fears, we would be surrounded by encouragement and love.  If we would share the temptations that we struggle with, we would have people to help us avoid certain situations and to hold us accountable.  If we would share our sins, we would have people to pray with us, let us know we are loved, and to help us forgive ourselves as we ask for God’s forgiveness.

I’m definitely preaching to the choir on this one.  I know how hard this is.  But just think about how close we, as a local church and as the Church, could grow together as family and closer to God.  Isn’t that the point of having a church family?

In the book of Acts, the first Christians sold everything they owned, put the money it one big pile, and took only as they had need.  While that isn’t as practical in today’s world, it is a great principle.  So let’s try to share our pain, sorrow, and struggles as well as our triumphs and victories with other believers so that we may all be stronger in our relationships with Jesus Christ.

Are there people in your church family that you are able to truly share your life with?

1/26/2012 02:58:39 am

Love this one Jamie!

When my mom passed away last March...I was afraid to "share" what I was going thru, emotionally, with my church family...for two reasons. 1.) I knew that I would probably cry uncontrollably and not be able to "get out" what I was really wanting to share and 2.) I was fearful of being a "burden" on my friends and church family.
I had several cards, calls and visits from friends and church family when she passed, offering their condolences and words of comfort. I heard them say "let me know if you need anything!" or "We want to help" and while I believed what they were telling me...I never really acted upon it, because I didn't want people to really know just how bad I was hurting! I even avoided church for a while, simply because I didn't want to hear the same questions "how are you feeling?" "Do you need anything?" I just shut people out!
As Christians, we've got to do a better job at being open and honest in our ability to share our struggles and triumphs with one another!

Thanks for the reminder, friend!! :)


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