I recently wrote that, as Christians, we have it backward.  While we are supposed to be loving non-believers to introduce them to Christ and holding other Christians accountable to Biblical standards, we often get mad at non-Christians for not acting like Jesus and we ignore each others’ struggles so our pride won’t take a hit.  It is pretty much the exact opposite of what Jesus and early Christians did and taught others to do.

Recently, one of my friends shared a video on Facebook that gave me even more perspective as to why we need to rectify our backward practices.  After we enter into a relationship with Christ, it can be very difficult for us to understand where non-believers are coming from.  Believing makes so much sense to us that we quickly forget what it is like not to believe.  Please take a moment and watch this video and think about how our ministry can be more focused on helping people reverse their thinking.

What is your immediate reaction to this video?  As the text is read the first time through, it was painful for me to hear how the narrator felt about God.  I was shocked at some of the conclusions he had come to.  However, the reality is that the majority of non-Christians feel exactly the same way. 

So what can we do about it?  How can we minister to these people in a way that would be genuine and effective?  How can we love them enough to change their minds?  How can we show them Christ in such a real way that they will reverse their way of thinking?

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