Alright, I am going to use a word that usually starts a fight.  Are you ready?  Okay, here it goes: evolution.  While I have no intention of discussing evolution in relation to creationism, I would like to talk about the evolution of technology. 

In my lifetime, I have seen video games evolve from Atari to various editions of the Nintendo, then on to the Playstation, on to Xbox, and finally on to the variety of next generation consoles currently available.  I got lost in MySpace, “Like”d Facebook, #followedmyfriends on Twitter, and have finally given in to putting a pin in Pinterest. 

As soon as we get used to something, it seems like something new always comes out.  Technology is evolving so quickly that it can be difficult to keep up.  But what if you could, just once in your life, be ahead of the game?  What if you, or somebody you know, could come up with something new and innovative?  What if that happened in the next paragraph in this post?

I think you will agree that most popular technologies are developed by minute advances or creative spins on earlier technologies.  Well, that is exactly what I am trying to do.  What if we could put a Christian spin on a website that is just starting to explode in popularity?  What if we use it to not only fellowship with other believers, but to be able to share creative ministry ideas and encouraging stories?  What if ministry met Pinterest?

Think about it.  The website could be set up just like Pinterest with categories, search options, and a mechanism for capturing posts that are intriguing, inspiring, or just plain interesting.  I realize that Christians are already using Pinterest to share their faith in incredible ways.  But I feel like combining the functionality of Pinterest with a creative ministry platform would allow Christians to share ideas on a level that we have never seen before.

Christians all over the world could post pictures, stories, and ideas for effective ways to share the gospel.  We would no longer be bound to ministry ideas that we heard about on Air1, learned about from a friend, or those that have been done in our churches for years.  We would have access to what the entire world is doing to expand the Kingdom of God.

This is something I genuinely think could be beneficial, but I would love to know what you think.  As far as names go, I think it should mimic the naming combination of Pinterest (pin+interest).  Maybe something like Pinistry, perhaps? 

If this is a worthy cause, I am willing to try and make it happen.  So please share your thoughts below.  Or if you know of a way this is already being done, please share the link below so we can increase awareness about such an incredible resource.

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