What is your favorite part of the Christmas season?  I believe it is a bit different for everyone.  Some people just can’t get enough Christmas music.  Unfortunately, that encourages radio station to turn into 24/7 “Jingle Bells” stations.  Yuck.  Other people get a real adrenaline rush from shopping amongst the crowds.  That’s really not my thing either.  If you want to see a short, pasty version of the Incredible Hulk, you should invite me to go out on Black Friday.  You won’t like me when I’m angry.

My favorite part of the Christmas season has to be the smells.  From the appetizing delight of the turkey in the oven to the simple, familiar scent of wrapping paper, no part of me looks more forward to Christmas than my nose.  Gingerbread, cinnamon, peppermint…a little piece of heaven.  In some ways, though, I really do feel like the scents of Christmas bring me closer to God.  That’s not weird, is it?

Think about it.  Throughout the Old Testament, God requires sacrifices from His people to atone for their sins and observe various holidays (in case you haven’t picked up on the similarities, the term “holiday” is derived from the term “holy day.”  That makes sense, right?).  For these sacrifices, God often gives very specific instructions.  In the majority of these instructions, God tells the Israelites to add ingredients to the sacrifice so they will create “an aroma pleasing to the Lord” (Numbers 28).  The Creator of the universe saw it fitting to incorporate an olfactory element into such an important part of His relationship with His people. 

While this type of sacrifice is no longer necessary due to the death and resurrection of Christ, I believe God still wants us to do things that create an aroma pleasing to Him.  He wants us to continue to follow His instructions in such a way that will we will reek of repentance, sacrifice, and unconditional love.  Writing that tithing check…I’m sure that smells like roses.  Helping your friend move on your only day off?  Pure lavender.  I bet that even the daily quiet time you set aside for God has a hint of strawberry.  In the decaying world of stink we live in today, what can you do to provide an aroma pleasing to the Lord?  What have you done lately that what make God say, “Mmm…that smells good.”?
1/1/2012 09:43:48 pm

I changed my first diaper on my son, suprisingly I believe the Lord and myself enjoyed it greatly.

1/1/2012 10:41:59 pm

Very interesting thought. I look forward to reading more.

1/2/2012 04:28:26 am

Incredible! What a clever perspective.


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