There are names throughout history that are synonymous with leadership.  As you look deeper into their stories, you quickly see that every great leader in history had a fantastic supporting cast.  Jesus had His disciples.  Every great monarch had loyal counsel and every great American president has had a strong cabinet.  Sherlock Holmes had Dr. Watson.  And Gladys Knight had the Pips.

Even in the Bible, we see that the leaders God put in charge had great people behind them.  Let’s take a look at David.  He had Joab, a valiant warrior, as the commander of his army.  He also had what the Bible refers to as David’s Mighty Men.  Some passages refer to three specific individuals in this group, while others reference a group of 30+ individuals.  Regardless, this group is given a great deal of credit for David’s military success.

What made these Mighty Men so special?  What role did they play in God’s plan for David to rule over His people?

Scripture is clear that these men were fierce warriors.  They were willing to take the battle into places where others would not have the courage to go.  They were prepared to fight those that their comrades wouldn’t dare go near.  They were fearless in their efforts to spread David’s kingdom.

There is no doubt that they got the job done.  David’s kingdom was very blessed by God, and the efforts of these Mighty Men were great contributors to that.  So how can we be Mighty Men today?  How can we fulfill our roles in the body of Christ and be the perfect supporting cast to continue Jesus’ ministry?  As it turns out, our task is that not much different than theirs.

To be Mighty Men today, we must be prayer warriors.  We must be willing to take the gospel into places where others would not have the courage to go.  We must be prepared to love those that our comrades wouldn’t dare go near.  We must be fearless in our efforts to spread God’s Kingdom.

What this world needs is a few Mighty Men (and Women) that are prepared to follow Christ fearlessly and selflessly.  Are you up to the challenge?

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