It’s Thanksgiving.  What on earth are you doing reading a blog on the internet?  You should be spending time with your family and loved ones.  You should be eating lots of food and watching lots of football.  You should be finding ways to love the people that need it the most.

While we should be thankful every day, today is set aside for us to give thanks to God for everything He has given us.  We are supposed to not only verbally give thanks, but to spend time thinking about our blessings and truly experience thankfulness in our hearts.  Let God see what His love means to you. 

Also, let others see that you are thankful for them and how much they mean to you.  I challenge you to tell everyone in your life that you love them today.  If you cannot get over your pride or your grudges to do that, do you really have thankfulness in your heart?

While I would never tell anyone not to read my blog, I am going to stop here because I think your time could be better spent showing love today.  So go do that.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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