_ I don’t know about you, but I think the story of David and Goliath is the one of the most under-utilized stories from the Bible.  I know we hear it all the time, but I really don’t think we take the time to see passed the “underdog story” part of the lesson.  To be honest, David and Goliath references are probably heard more often on ESPN than from the pulpit. 

Here is a summary of the David and Goliath story and the lesson we typically take from it:

Israel is at war with the Philistines.  In the main event, you have the giant Goliath going up against an Israeli mystery opponent.  All of the soldiers are scared even though God promised they would win, and nobody wants to fight.  Then a little shepherd boy named David comes to deliver some food.  Trusting God, he volunteers to fight Goliath.  Instead of wearing the clunky armor the Israeli soldiers offered him, he decides to freestyle it with his sling and stones.  With a fastball to the forehead, Goliath goes down and loses his head.  Because of David’s victory, we should feel confident enough to take on anything.  With God’s help, we can roll up on any of the “giants” in our own lives and walk away unscathed.  We should not be scared of anything.  We can be just like David

A few years ago, I went to a Todd Agnew concert and he told the story a little differently.  (Note: There is no Todd Agnew version of the Bible.  People probably wouldn’t accept the Gospel in a deep bass.)  In his version, we do not play the role of David.  In fact, we are the scared, shivering, cowardly soldiers.  How’s that for a pick me up?

Let’s assume that Goliath represents the greatest enemy that any of us have, the giant that separates us from our Creator.  Goliath is sin.  If any of us try to take on sin by ourselves, we will surely lose.  It is absolutely impossible to defeat sin on our own.  So it is fitting that we play the role of the frightened soldiers.  We should be scared.  We.Can’t.Win.

Luckily, there is One who can defeat sin.  While we are sitting on the sidelines shaking in our booties, Jesus Christ goes all David on sin and puts it down for the count.  He is the true hero in this story.  Without Jesus riding in to save the day, we would have no chance against the giant sin standing between us and God.

While most people will encourage you to be like David and conquer the world, when it comes to sin you should never go into battle alone.  That’s one fight that none of us are equipped to win.  Sometimes we just need to step aside and let Jesus take out the giants for us.

Are there any battles in your life that you need to let Jesus step in and fight for you?

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