We had our Christmas play/drama/production/whateveryoucallit this past weekend at our church.  We had a couple of performances and they were both well attended and well received.  I had a small role, on stage for 5-7 minutes with as many lines.  It was good times.

However, I was added to the cast fairly late and I was unable to attend a rehearsal with the entire group.  My only practice for the play was within my scene with the 2-3 other people that had speaking roles in that part of the script.  As far as my performance goes, it wasn’t a big deal.  I was prepared to act out my part and get out of the way.

Yet, I can’t help but to be curious as to what I missed.  Because I had to be backstage, which in my church is outside of the room, I have no idea what took place for the rest of the play.  I got the gist of some of it just by seeing others' costumes I suppose.  However, I feel that the details I missed were important and could help my understanding of the plot.  I would really like to know what happened when I was backstage.  I wish I had a better idea of the big picture.

That last sentence sounds pretty familiar.  There are so many times in life when I wish I could see the big picture.  I’ve seen things happen and wondered how in the world God would turn that situation around.  I’ve had experiences that I was positive could never bring me closer to my Creator.  Of course I was wrong, that’s not new.  But His love, grace, and ability to bring something out of nothing never cease to amaze me.

The point that I am trying to struggle through my rambling to get to is that God will handle His part.  We must trust that.  I know we want to know everything.  We want to see the blueprint of our lives so we can prepare ourselves for the struggles and pace ourselves for the celebrations. 

But the truth is that life should be handled just like my role in the play.  Keep your head down.  Do your part.  Don’t worry about all of the other details.  Would my lines have been executed as well if I spent more time watching others rehearse?  Would my blocking have been as crisp if I was wishing I had another part? 

Likewise, I am sure that my role in the body of Christ would be compromised if I was able to see the Master’s plan.  God is the only one that can see the big picture, and I am convinced that it is better that way. 

Son, in 35 years of religious study, I have only come up with two hard incontrovertible facts: there is a God, and I'm not Him. - Father Cavanaugh from the film Rudy.

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