The Men’s Ministry at my church is sponsoring a fantasy football league this year, and it is off to a pretty good start.  We recently had a live draft where one of our deacons wore a suit and played the role of the league commissioner.  He announced each pick up at the podium and we put the selections up on the big screen.  It was pretty cool.

In having to rank the players and make decisions about who to add to my team in what round, I have grown fairly addicted to the draft process.  I went on last night to select my daughter ahead of my son in the “Boggs Children of 2012” draft.  Fiber One is the favorite to be the number one pick in this morning’s “Cereal of the Day” draft.  And I am currently ranking the people that work in my office to see who might make the cut if I ever become the boss.

Then I started wondering how I could work my new addiction into the Knowledge Dropper realm.  So I have decided to launch the first ever “Ministry Squad” draft.  I am going to give you a list of ministry icons below and ask you to decide who you would take with your pick in the draft, assuming they are all available.  Here we go…

Paul – From prosecuting to proselytizing, Paul took Christ’s story and love from Damascus to all of the gentiles.  In addition to writing about 32% of the New Testament, Paul took the show on the road and became everything to everyone to spread the gospel.

Peter – “The Rock” that the church was built on, Peter was the foundation for teaching the Jews how Jesus had fulfilled the law and is, indeed, the Messiah.  Sometimes butting heads with Paul, Peter was the leader of the Christian movement from the start and took the book of Acts by storm as he went on a quest to personally fulfill the Great Commission.

Martin Luther – If you are Catholic, this German monk is probably not for you.  However, if you are a part of a protestant denomination, you have to consider this guy.  Tired of seeing folks purchase forgiveness with their Mastercards, Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the church door in an act that began the protestant reformation.  If it wasn’t for this guy, the Knowledge Dropper would be quoting the apocrypha much more often.

John Newton – Who’s John Newton?  Ah, yeah…he’s the guy that wrote Amazing Grace, the most well-known hymn ever.  He probably deserves a roster spot somewhere, right?

C.S. Lewis – From The Chronicles of Narnia to The Screwtape Letters, this guy has spread the good news “novel-style” as well as anyone ever.  Reaching children and adults alike, Lewis has introduced the Lion to millions of people through his writing and the cinematic adaptations.

Billy Graham – Probably the most well-known evangelist of our time, and the spiritual adviser to every president since LBJ, Graham may seem a little young compared to the others on this list.  However, among his contemporaries, he is a ministerial icon. 

Wow, this list could possibly go on forever and I have another draft to get to.  Feel free to choose from this list or go with a “sleeper” pick and select an underdog.

You are on the clock.  Who would you pick on your “Ministry Squad?”

8/28/2012 04:14:21 am

Got to go with Luther. Paul did a great job setting everything up, but it would look completely different without the brave acts of ole Martin.

8/28/2012 04:32:54 am

I'm all about shoe salesmen. I'll take Edward Kimball in a latter round. The little guys can have a huge trickle down affect.

8/28/2012 10:16:44 am

Dwight L. Moody made a huge impact in America and England in the late 1800's. From a shoe salesman to the most powerful evangelist of his time, he led thousands to Christ.


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