It’s no secret, I like food.  I like food a lot, and I like a lot of food.  I could make you a very extensive list of foods that I enjoy.  Desserts, pastas, anything off of a grill, cakes, pies, and most things out of the freezer section.  I am honestly getting hungry thinking about this.  Any time I am invited out to eat, I immediately start salivating at the thought of all of the options out there.

I wonder if that is how the Israelites felt when they were roaming the desert.  If I feel that way with a myriad of options available to me, I wonder how they felt having feasted on manna for forty years.  Perhaps that is why they always referred to the Promised Land as the land of milk and honey.  They associated the one thing they desired most with something that would be both sustaining and appealing.

I think that is very telling about their priorities.  Of course they knew milk and honey would be available to them there, but so would many, many other things.  It was the Promised Land for crying out loud, not the Offered Land That Nobody Else Wanted.  Yet, they chose to refer to it as the land of milk and honey.  Something tasty AND filling, delicious AND satisfying…not just one or the other.

Praise God that He is loving enough to meet our needs.  He has promised to provide the necessities for us to survive so that we may live on to glorify Him.  But he does not stop there.  If we truly dwell in His presence and allow Him to take control of our lives, He will fill us with indescribably joy that will be more delectable than the finest of cuisines.  He will allow us to enjoy His love in ways that will make the McRib seem like Spam.  Yes, God makes sure we are fed.  But He also provides a menu of blessings that everyone can enjoy.

I wonder what we would call the Promised Land today.  The land of steak and slushies?  The land of Coke and pizza?  The land of buffalo wings and Mountain Dew?

How would you refer to the Promised Land if you knew it would meet all of your needs and desires?

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