Well, that’s it.  The final presidential debate of the year is over.  Thank goodness I don’t have to hear about this election anymore…except for the signs, the television commercials, the radio ads, and of course, the election itself.

I really have a pretty low tolerance for politics, and often even politicians.  I am sure most of them are good, well-intentioned people.  But the things they have to do to be successful (lie, manipulate, spend tons of money on campaigning instead of using it to actually help people) make it hard for me to support their work.  And the way people seem to worship them does not help the matter.

Many voters spend most of their time trying to figure out which candidate’s values and opinions match more closely with theirs.  Some try to figure out which one is telling a higher percentage of the truth.  All people are trying to figure out which side to take so we can make our country a better place.

A friend of mine put a simple, yet brilliant perspective on his Facebook page last night, and it got me thinking about how backward this entire process is.  If we want what is best for our country, is it really prudent to take sides and lash out at the opposition?  Does it make sense to build one person up and cut the other down?

I challenge every one tonight to instead of getting caught up in the presidential debate jargon tonight, to instead honestly pray that the best thing happens for the country and that God would give the wisdom to both candidates to lead our nation. This seems like a much better use of time than trashing either party or candidate. –Jared C.

One of these guys is going to be the leader of the United States of America for the next four years.  It may be your guy, it may not.  Either way, in order to remain focused on spreading the gospel in America, we need to start praying for these guys now and prepare ourselves for how their views and policies may impact our mission.

After we cast our votes, we have no more say in the matter.  At that point, we are at the mercy of the system and our new leader.  So let’s spend time in prayer now so that God will guide our leaders, but also so our hearts will be prepared for ministry in whichever regime we find ourselves. 

I agree with Jared.  Pray now.  Pray later.  That is the best possible use of our time if we want to improve the political climate of our country.

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