Recently, I wrote a blog post where I quoted nine consecutive verses of scripture.  That’s crazy, right?  People don’t have time to add that much Bible to their random daily blog reading.  In a world dominated by Twitter and text messages, how could I expect people to be patient enough to endure all that extra scripture?

While I am obviously being sarcastic, that was my actual thought process after I added the passage.  I had actually written out a brief apology for using that many verses in my post.  As I re-read my apology, I asked myself, “Did I just apologize for asking people to read the Bible?”  And that, my friends, is where my ideas for blog posts come from.

Why on earth would I apologize for asking somebody to read the Bible?  Is it ever a bad thing to take in more of God’s Word?  No.  It’s not.  Yet, I felt guilty for adding an extra 30-45 seconds of reading to my brief blog post.  I was that worried about inconveniencing people. 

I want to say that is laughable.  I wish I could say this was just me being weird.  But I have a feeling that we do this much more than we realize. 

I understand that streamlining information can be useful if you are trying to get and keep peoples’ attention nowadays.  However, is it really necessary to consolidate or even water down the gospel just to make sure folks don’t get bored or distracted?  Do we really need to apologize when we expect a little bit of commitment to growing closer to Christ?

The answer, of course, is no.  We, as Christians, need to hold each other to a higher standard.  We need to have more accountability.  If we were doing this thing right, there would be no hesitation in expecting another believer to take a step closer to God.  It would be an honor to be called out in obedience by a fellow Christian.

Last week, I almost apologized for asking you to read a significant passage of the Holy Bible.  I was afraid that putting more spiritual content on my Christian blog would make people not want to read it.  For that, I do owe you an apology.  I am truly sorry, and I assure you that I will never hesitate to expect spiritual dedication from you again.

Hayley Davis
6/22/2012 11:26:50 am

Amen! Such a good writer. I thought of the longer passage being an inconvenience after you posted that day, then lo and behold, you blogged an even better apology! Glad to read your thoughts.


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