No matter how often it happens, I am always amazed when God speaks to me during prayer.  On the rare occasion when I shut up and listen, I feel like He always comes through and drops some truth on me.  Recently, during a meeting at my church, a group that I am a part of was challenged to do a simple prayer walk through our facility.  I was blown away as God seemed to speak to me in a number of ways.  I would like to share one of those truths with you today.

When I pray, I try really hard not to be repetitious like the pagans.  But I have some common phrases that I use when praying about certain topics because I feel like they accurately represent what I am trying to say.  One of those common phrases is that I ask God to “use me as a funnel” to share the love and blessings He has given me with everyone around me. 

I really want to bless others as I have been blessed, and I have always felt like the funnel illustration was a pretty good picture of what I wanted to do.  But as I used that phrase in praying for the preschool wing of our church during that prayer walk, God stopped me and said that a funnel was not enough.

You see, a funnel is wide at the “receiving” end and narrow at the “sharing” end.  When I was asking God to use me as a funnel, I was asking for Him to help me take the seemingly endless amount of love that He shows me and share it a little bit at a time.  And since God’s blessings are truly endless, my funnel would certainly overflow since I am only looking to pass small amounts of blessings on to others.

I realize this illustration may seem kind of cheesy, but God was very clear in telling me that being a funnel was not enough.  I need to be willing to freely give His love away as quickly as I receive it.  I should be ready to exhaust myself by blessing everyone around me.

I have yet to come up with an illustration as convenient as the funnel.  But I know that God wants me to change my mentality.  He wants me to be more selfless.  He wants me to be less like a funnel, and more like Him.  How do I do that?  I think I will start with another prayer walk.  God is awesome.

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