During this time of year, it seems like I am involved with a potluck every time I turn around.  And since I have to go to so many, I unfortunately take the easy way out.  I’ll bring cups, or drinks, or chips and dip.  Yeah…I’m that guy.

As my office potluck came around this year, my boss started poking fun at me.  She started saying things about my inability to cook and my lack of kitchen prowess.  Thus, I have decided to prove her wrong.  I am breaking out my recipe book and I plan to show up with a beautiful, delicious, homemade white chocolate raspberry swirl cheesecake.

Yeah, that looks good doesn’t it?

So yesterday, I went to Wal-Mart to get the ingredients.  When I got to the check out counter, I was fully prepared to engage in meaningless pleasantries with the cashier and get on with my day.  However, she caught me off guard with her response to my empty question of “how are you?”

She said, “I’m blessed.”

I know people usually have their go-to phrase, and that may have been hers.  However, it was different enough to catch my attention.  She didn’t say she was good or fine to let me know she was doing well.  She told me that she was blessed, implying that her mood or well-being didn’t matter as much because she had something that was bigger than all of her problems.

I’m not saying that,”I’m blessed” should become the new, “Just fine, how are you?”  But how is God’s love evident in the way that you carry yourself?  What are you doing to let people know that you have something different in your life?  How do your daily interactions point people to Christ? 

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