My wife and I have been married for just over six years.  To some of you, that may seem like forever.  To others, it’s just a drop in the bucket.  To us, I think it is a little bit of both. 

Regardless, we are still learning a lot about each other.  It may sound weird, but after six years we are still getting to know each other quite a bit.  One thing that I have noticed recently is how differently we interpret things.  We can have a conversation with each other and come away with two completely different conclusions.  Or we can hear somebody else say the exact same thing and come away with our own individual interpretations.

I think that is similar to the way that we all hear from God in different ways.  We know that He is speaking to us.  We know that the Holy Spirit was sent to guide us.  Yet, it seems like we all hear from Him in our own special ways.

A friend of mine often tells a story about his decision to leave a particular job.  He and a friend of his were praying about that same thing at the same time.  After several days of prayer, reading, and meditation, they had lunch and discussed their final conclusions. 

My friend announced that he felt God leading him to move on to something else.  Each time he prayed, he felt the Holy Spirit leading him to leave his job.  His friend said that he had decided to stay in his job.  After hours and hours of praying with no leading whatsoever, he heard an audible voice say,”Stay.”

My friend was amazing and in awe.  God has spoken to his friend audibly, and he thought that was incredible.  He told his friend that he was jealous.  His friend’s reaction surprised him.  As he turns out, he was also jealous.  Yes, he had heard an audible voice.  But he never felt lead by the Holy Spirit.  He felt completely in the dark and he was in a very confused place for a long time.  To him, being able to feel the presence of God leading in a specific direction was preferable to waiting days and days to hear one word.

I guess that is one of those “the grass is always greener” scenarios.  However, it taught me a very important lesson about how God talks to us.  For some, including me, the Holy Spirit leads through a feeling within your soul and will not let you rest until you respond.  Others hear from God through dreams or visions.  Some are granted wisdom that comes from above.  There are people that feel the only way they can see God’s direction for them is in the Bible.  And, like the other guy in my friend’s story, God literally talks to some people.

How does God speak to you?  Is it primarily through one method or does He use a variety of ways?

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