I really enjoy courtroom entertainment, whether it is in a television series or a movie.  I love watching the plot develop and the facts come out.  Then you always know that, at the last moment, a piece of information will be revealed that will ultimately decide the case.  It’s great drama and wonderful suspense.

I usually end up researching law schools for the next few days after I see a great courtroom scene.  I really get into it and it makes me want to be a part of it.  And by a part of it, I mean a judge or an attorney.  I would never want to be a defendant or plaintiff.  I do wonder what that would be like, though.

I’ve heard a good friend of mine often use a courtroom analogy to talk about effectively living out your faith.  It is actually a great perspective to help you visualize your daily actions and attitude.

If you were on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?  Yes, I hope that you would plead guilty and testify against yourself.  But based on evidence alone, would you be found guilty of being a follower of Christ?  Let’s see what that evidence might look like.

Has it been obvious that you have repented, turned away from your sins, and changed the direction of your life? 

Have you been caught sharing God’s love with everyone that you come in contact with?

Have you sought justice for those that can’t defend themselves?

What tangible fruit have you produced?

Have you used your time, money, and other resources to invest in the Kingdom of God here on earth?

What kind of friend have you been?

How have you gone out of your way to reach those that don’t know Christ?

Have you shared your testimony regularly and had genuine conversations with others about their relationships with Christ?

So what do you think?  Do you think the answers to these questions would be enough to convict you of being a Christian?  If not, what in the world are you doing?  Get off your behind and start building some evidence against yourself.  Being found not guilty is not an option.

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