_ "For the LORD is righteous, he loves justice; the upright will see his face.” (Psalms 11:7 NIV)

God loves justice.  I like justice, but I’m not sure I’m ready to commit to loving it yet.  You see, justice is difficult.  I am not talking about some blindfolded chick holding a set of scales.  I am talking about true, bold, demanding, uncomfortable justice.

Many of us consider ourselves just because we are rarely guilty of purposefully committing injustice.  I have realized recently that this viewpoint is nothing more than a cop out.  It is much easier to avoid doing wrong than it is to do what is right.  Actually being just means taking it a step further.  Seeking justice means taking what you know is right, and doing everything you can to see that it is carried out.

Of course, it starts in your own life.  If you want to be “upright” as the Psalm says, you must focus on making the correct moral, ethical, and biblical decisions no matter what the consequences may be.  Of course, this sounds easy.  But until you are ready to admit that you don’t matter, you will always have trouble being selfless in difficult situations.

I find it interesting and equally shameful that we are called to take up our cross and risk our lives, yet we are unwilling to risk our reputation and even our comfort to do what is right.  If you know somebody is struggling with a particular temptation, it is your job to confront them and help them get on the right path.  No matter how awkward that may be, that is what you are called to do.  That is just.  If you see someone getting cheated, taken advantage of, or even abused, it is your responsibility to step in.  Saying “that’s none of my business” is just another way of saying “my comfort is more important than that person’s well-being.”  That is selfish.  Stop it.

I’ve been very tempted throughout this post to say that you should do what is right “as long as you do not risk physical harm to yourself.”  That would be pretty cowardly of me.  Justice is about so much more than what will happen to me if I stand up for it.  It is about doing what I know is right.  No. Matter  What.

I want to love justice.  I want to do right in all situations.  I want to stop being just a Christian and start being a just Christian.  Who’s with me?

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