In case you didn’t know, gospel means good news.  And the Bible is absolutely full of it.  Probably the best news that it gives, aside from the whole salvation thing, is that God keeps His promises. 

God promises that we may be redeemed through Jesus Christ.  God promises that He loves us and He will work for the good of all those that love Him.  God promises grace to everyone and forgiveness to anyone who wants it.  God is awesome, and He keeps His promises.

But also, remember that God keeps His promises.  God promises that those who choose to rebel against Him will be punished.  God promises that He is just.  God promises that His plan will be fulfilled no matter how hard we try to get in the way.

Looking throughout the Old Testament, even some of God’s most beloved followers and those we consistently celebrate (Moses, David, Solomon, etc.) ultimately fell victim to God’s wrath at some point in their lives.  He promised to lift them up and use them for His glory, and also promised punishment if they turned away from Him.  They all saw great victories and triumphs as a result of God’s promises.  And at some point or another, they all lost their way and God fulfilled His promise to hold them accountable.

God does offer grace and salvation.  He does forgive.  But we should not take advantage of that because we need to remember that God is just and He ALWAYS keeps His promises.  Even the ones we choose not to talk about because they are frightening. 

Love God.  Follow His commands.  Do all that you can to see that those promises we all seek are fulfilled.  The gospel is that He loves to keep those promises.

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