My wife and I are very thankful for our jobs.  Not only are we doing work that we love, but we also get some great benefits.  One of our favorite benefits is the time off around Christmas.  It makes travel plans flow more smoothly, allows room for family time, and lets us rest a bit.  This year, however, we decided to take on a special project…potty training our two year old.

When we trained our first child to use the toilet, it was a nightmare wrapped in a series of anticipated paper cuts…miserable.  However, our youngest is taking to it rather well.  That’s good in that it has been pretty stress free and will save us money on diapers.  However, it also means we have to stop every 20-30 miles to use the bathroom during holiday travel.  That is an even bigger problem when everything is closed on Christmas day.

Deep down, I fully support closing your business in observance of Christmas day.  Give your employees the day off to spend with family.  Put your focus more on respect and love than making money.  However, boy was I thankful for the handful of gas stations that we were able to find on Tuesday.

Yet, as I exited each establishment, often without buying anything, my eye was caught by the lonely employee spending Christmas at work.  I spoke to a few of them, trying to be cheerful and thankful.  But I felt as though they needed more.  So that gave me an idea.

Since I am pretty sure that the massive closure of businesses only happens on Christmas, I sincerely hope I don’t forget about this before next December.  Wouldn’t it be a cool ministry to drop in on those working on Christmas to bring a little blessing to their day?  Perhaps I could take a gift, or a pastry or some other sort of treat.  Maybe I could get some friends together and sing some Christmas carols.  There are so many ways to bless these people that are not able to be with their families.

At first, I thought this would be a great venture to take on in our travels.  However, that would limit the number of Christians available to serve in this way.  Then I realized that it would actually be more impactful and organized if we did it within our own home towns. 

Find out beforehand which businesses will be open in your area on Christmas day.  More than likely, these will all be gas stations.  Get a ministry team together and figure out how to serve these people.  What kind of ministry would have a big impact on their day at work?  How can we show them the love of Christ when they are stranded away from loved ones?  How can we be Christ to them when they feel all alone?

Let the planning begin.

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