I Googled the word joy, and this was the very first picture that came up:
If that doesn’t scream, “JOY!”, I don’t know what does.  As we are about to round up our study on the fruit of the spirit, we arrive at the fruit that is, by far, the most easy one to identify.  The others, while they produce very holy, Christ-like fruit, are often hidden and can only be identified through the results of their labor. 

Joy, on the other hand, is undeniable.  When a person is filled with the joy of Christ, it is written all over their face.  And there is absolutely nothing on earth that says, “I’ve found what I’m looking for” like a person’s expression when they give their life to Christ.

Unfortunately, we often let the worries of the world get in the way and our joy gets hidden under our problems.  But it is in those down times where our joy means the most.  That is when our joy can be the most fruitful. 

When a person is down on their luck or going through a tough trial or painful situation, their ability to express the joy of the Lord can do more for the kingdom of God than we can ever imagine.  Being able to smile through sadness, praise through pain, and love through hate are some of the most powerful things we can do to be a witness for Christ.  Because of the overwhelming joy He gives us, we have the ability to overcome any and all trouble that this world throws at us as long as we set our compasses toward God.

When others see that joy, they are getting a glimpse of who Jesus really is and the power He has in our lives.  If pointing people in His direction is what ministry is really all about, then joy is our ticket to success. 

I know times get tough and life gets hard, but if we live each day as if the Spirit of the Lord lives within us (spoiler alert…He does) then our joy should be so overwhelming that the fruit we produce is both plentiful and eternal.  Joy changes lives…let yours show.

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