I have two children that live in my home between the ages of one and four.  Very few things in life are more dramatic than…well…anything that does not go their way.  That is unless you consider the teenagers that I work with at church.  While they are an incredible blessing to my life, they have their fair share of drama.  However, that does not really compare to the drama I see every day at work.  You see, I work with college students, and it seems like every little thing is a tragedy.  Come to think of it, though, the most over-dramatic people in my life all seem to be adults.  Mature, professional, Christian, drama-hungry adults. 

People thrive on drama.  There is something exhilarating about being involved in an exciting, adrenaline pumping, tense, controversial or even confrontational situation.  Even if you are not directly involved in the situation, just talking about it can often make you feel alive and like you are part of something special.  Some people are great at creating their own drama, where others are always looking for somebody else’s drama to latch onto.

Unfortunately, people fail to realize that nothing good can come from it.  I’ll say it again: nothing.  Whether you are at school, work, church, or even just spending time with family, you will never be able to improve a situation by adding fuel to the fire.  It is everyone’s responsibility to avoid drama as much as humanly possible.  It is like a great philosopher named Booker T once said: “Save the drama for your mama.”

If you are gathering information because you need to make an informed decision, have at it.  If you are trying to add factual information to a rumor filled conversation, proceed.  If you are taking a stand for your faith, hallelujah!   If you are actively seeking justice for yourself or a loved one, play on.  But when you get to the point where you are adding to the drama instead of putting an end to it, you need to take a step back and remove yourself from the situation.  The moment that your involvement stops being about a solution, it is time to take your spot on the sidelines and take off your swagger mask.  Don’t feed the drama monster.

"A perverse person stirs up conflict, and a gossip separates close friends." (Proverbs 16:28 NIV)

How do you avoid getting involved in the drama surrounding your life?

3/27/2012 09:37:07 pm

Completely agree. Drama happens in our life because we ultimatly want it. We can choose to let our circumstances have power in our lives and worry about them. It is a crazy thing that you always choose how to handle events in your life. Circumstances beyond your control should not be worried about, and those that are within your control should be dealt with without the drama.

3/27/2012 11:11:36 pm

What I find most interesting is those who always say, "I hate drama" yet, they are many times the ones who start it. Of course I fall into that category, too. We blame others for problems that we cannot fix or issues we do not like in life, and often we escalate things without even realizing our bad habit. It's just another thing we need to turn the light on about.
Good topic for a Wednesday. Kudos.


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