If you wear glasses or contacts, do you remember the car ride home from the eye doctor with your new glasses on? Do you remember looking around and seeing things you had never noticed before? The thing I remember most is being able to see the leaves on the trees.

Of course you notice trees as you drive by them. But when you put on new glasses or you put in new contact lenses, you can see the individual leaves on the trees. They are no longer green blobs, but rather beautiful creations with very intricate details down to the dozens of leaves on each branch.

As we go through life, we all too often see the “green blob” version of the world around us. We see our jobs as merely something we have to do, so we just go through the motions. We see issues in our community as something somebody else should take care of, so we go on about handling our own business. We look at our relationships as if they exist only to make us happy, so we don't take the time to look for ways to serve those we claim to love.

In order for us to see the world as God intended, we need to put all of these things from His perspective. While it is impossible for us to see with God’s eyes, He has provided a lens that will help us to view the world in such a way that He can use us to change it. That lens is the Word, the good ole B-i-b-l-e. 

We are in the world to do His work, and in order to effectively do that we must understand what we are looking at and be able to see it clearly.

Spend time in the Bible. Read it, pray about it, and read it again. It is the only way to truly appreciate the beautiful leaves on the trees of God’s creation.

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